We dive regularly along the South coast, especially off the Isle of Wight where there are many fine wrecks. Both the wrecks and reefs are teeming with life as you can see from some of these photos.

The club has it’s own RIB but also goes out on other boats. Within the club we have every level of diving experience, from novice to rebreather / technical.

We often decide on Tuesday where we are going to dive on the coming weekend taking into account the tides and weather. On Wednesday morning everybody on our list is e-mailed with the information. If you are interested in diving with us please e-mail [email protected] so that we can add you to the contact list.

We arrange club trips to places further a-field in the UK and also abroad. Past trips feature in our Photo gallery and future trips are listed below.

Again if you are interested in joining us please Contact us